Back when Clinton was in office, he was taking his morning jog around the White House. He came across a little boy with a wagon, and in it were a bunch of newborn kittens. Clinton stops and say "Hi, young man. What do you have there?" The boy said, "They're baby kittens."

Clinton, trying to be cute, says "Well, young man, what kind of kittens are those? Are they Democrat kittens or Republican kittens?" The boy says, "They're Democrat kittens." Clinton laughs, and says "That's good! You take special care of those Democrat kittens." Then, he proceeds with his jog.

A week later, Clinton is jogging and sees the same boy and his wagon of kittens. He says, "Well, hello, young man! How are those Democrat kittens doing?" The boy says, "Sir, they're Republican kittens." Clinton says, "Last week, you said they were Democrat kittens." The boy says, "I know, but now, their eyes are open."