A young man was drafted into the army during World War 2
During his training his captain told the plation to grab there guns and start shooting the targets
The private called his commanding cheif over and said " Sir, there is no more guns what would you like me to do Sir?"
"Son this is a very expensive war and we have had to cut back on certain expences. I want you to hold your hands up like you are holding a gun and go bangeddy bang, banggedy bang."
The private did so with out question

The next day the Commander told them to pick up there baynettes(knifes on end of old guns) and to stab the dummys
once again the private asked his commanding officer what he should do.
the commanding office said " run up to the dummy and yell stabbity stab stabbity stab"

After training the Private went to war
Hes running around doing exactly what his Commanding Officer told him...Bangeddy bang stabbity stab, banggedy bang stabbity stab

The private sees someone walking towards him he gets him in his sights and says
"Banggedy bang bangeddy bang, stabbity stab stabbbity stab"
enemy still walks towards him
"banggedy bang bannggedy bang, stabbity stab stabbity stab"


"Tankkedy tankkedy tank"