One day, man walked up to his son and said, "son, i am a very wealthy and powerful man. I can buy you anything you want. Now being your highschool graduation day, i am giving you this offer of anything you want. Money is no thing to me. Tell me anything you want and I will get it for you." The son replied without hesitation and said, "I want 1, 000 green golf balls." The father, obviously bewildered asked the son why, and his son did not answer him. The father however, gave him the 1, 000 green golf balls he had asked for. 4 years later, The son had graduated from college and the father once again made him an offer. "Son, i am very wealthy, and i am very powerful. Money doesnt mean a thing to me. Once again, tell me anything in the world that you want and ill get it for you. The son once again asked for 1, 000 green golf balls. The man had grown very angry by this time, but loved his son so much that he gave him the 1, 000 green golf balls. The two men separated and after 5 years, the son had a computer software business and was very wealthy. As a congradulations gift, the man gave his son the generous offer of anything that he wanted in the world. The son once again said that he wanted a 1, 000 green golf balls. The man was furious but gave his son the golf balls. They separated once again but did not talk for almost 20 years because the man was so angry at his son. One day, his son got in a car accident and his father flew across America to come to his side. The son was in very bad shape. Despite all of their anger, the father said, "Why did you want all of those green golf balls all of these years?" The son looked into his eyes and said, "Well I..." And then he died.