this guy is on a 4 prop plane,really long flight. The capt. comes on the P.A., sorry folks, we just lost one of the engines. No reason for alarm but this will delay our flight. Folks are showing signs of concern but not really bad. Then again the voice. Folks we lost another engine,uh, no need to worry tho, but it will delay our flight about an hour. Everyone's starting to express worry,except one guy. He is getting ticked. Yep, the voice comes back on, ladies and gentleman we have lost the 3rd engine. We will be in for a rough ride and the delay will be well over two hours. Everyone is in a panic, except that one guy. He is so mad. He shouts, dirty, no good, @#%$%@((&^%$*, if we loose that last engine, we'll be up here ALL FRICKIN DAY. [:0]