A man went to what he thought was a nice restaurant and ordered soup, steak with mashed potatoes, and coffee.
When the soup came, the man noticed that the waiter had his thumb down in the soup. He was a bit annoyed but didn't say anything, assuming the man's hands were clean.
When dinner arrived, there was the waiter's thumb in the mashed potatoes. The man didn't like that either, but continued his silence.
When the waiter brought the coffee, lo and behold, there was his thumb, stuck into the beverage. This time the man couldn't let it go and said to the waiter, "You had your thumb in my soup, in my mashed potatoes, and now you've got it in my coffee. What's going on?"
The waiter replied, "Well, I have arthritis in that thumb and the doctor suggested I keep it warm."
This was a really flimsy excuse to the man and he angrily told the waiter, "Why don't you just stick that arthritic thumb of yours up your a$$!"
And the waiter replied, I do when I'm in the kitchen, but not when I have to carry stuff out here."