Farmer Brown had a rooster named Brewster. Brewster the Rooster had an insatiable appetite for sex. After Brewster had his way with every female fowl on the farm, he went after the cat, then the dog, then the sheep and the pigs.

Farmer Brown says to Brewster, "Brewster! You keep going at this rate, you're going to wear yourself out, and die of exhaustion. You're a good rooster, and I can't afford to lose you, so knock it off."

Two days later, Farmer Brown walks into the barn to find Brewster having his way with Farmer Brown's horse up against the barn door. "Brewster!," says Farmer Brown, "what did I just finish telling you the other day! I'm worried about you. I can't have you wearing yourself out and dying on me. You need to stop this nonsense right now. You're a good rooster, and I can't afford to lose you."

The next day, Farmer Brown walks out of the house and can see buzzards circling above his field. He walks out, and sure enough, lying motionless on the ground is Brewster. "Oh, Brewster," Farmer Brown sighs, "I told you this would happen. Shame, too, to lose such a good rooster."

Just then, Brewster's eye pops open. "Shhhh," whispers Brewster, pointing to the sky, "they're about to land..."[88]