The telephone man responding to a trouble call, went to the back yard and climbed the phone pole to determine where the trouble might be. The customer's boy came out to watch.

Boy calls out...Whatcha doin' ?

phone man...Working on your phone line.

Boy...My daddy works on telephone lines too.

phone man...That's nice kid.

about this time phone man drops his terminal wrench.
"Dang, he says, and climbs down the pole to get it. When he gets to the ground the boy says...
My daddy always carry's 2 of those.

phone man...that's a good idea.

back up the pole he goes to continue his work. Presently he drops his pliers. Down he comes a 2nd time cussing to himself.

boy...My daddy always carries 2 of those too.

phone man... muttering to himself, oh that's great kid.

while he's on the ground he decides he has to take a leak and steps behind the pole. The kid still watching.

phone man (irritated) now what? I suppose you're gonna tell me your daddy has 2 of these too., but his would make 2 of yours![}]