A couple was engaged for awhile decided to tie the knot and get married. On the wedding night the couple was getting ready for bed and the bride told her new husband there would be no sex unless he paid for it. The husband was astonished, because the told his new bride she was OK before the marriage with sex so what was the problem. She told him $50 bucks everytime he wanted sex. No negotiation. Hubby paid her and the marriage went on for 50 yrs. So on the 50th anniversary the wife took her husband downtown. She said she had a surprise for him. He couldn't wait to see what it was. The
wife told him she had saved all the $50 dollars everytime they had sex and invested it in a very nice building downtown and it was totally paid for. He was furious... His reply to her was IF I knew you were going to invest that money I would have gave you all my business.[}]