A Marine Sgt Maj, was invited to a dress blues and bow tie event on the arrival of a new general to their post. He was setting at the bar enjoying a scotch and water when this lady approached him and Ask, what are all those medals on your uniform,, he told here it was the many places and battles he had been in "Mam". She said , how long you been in the service, he said 25 years "Mam" She said you seem to be very up tight sgt maj, when was the last time you had some sex, He replied 1955 "Mam" she said well damn, no sex since 1955 no wonder you are up tight, follow me and we will do something about that. They went into a bedroom and got in on hot and heavy for about an hour, and leaving the room she said for someone so up tight and not having sex since 1955 you sure didnt forget much, He said well I hope not it is only 2130 now,,