Daddy and I were hand digging taters from our drouth hardened garden patch and he was obviously in a bad mood.
Mebbie somthin to do with a loud NO! I heard through the wall the night before that sounded like my mother's voice.
Anyway,we're sweatin our buns off grubbin taters from sunparched clay when along comes a neighbor leading his milk cow to another neighbor's farm to get her bred.
Friendly ,as everyone in our community was at the time,he hollered to Daddy,
"Hey,neighbor,how them taters rollin out?"
Daddy,in his foul mood,looked up from our efforts and responded,
"You stupid $$$$@#!^%$,they aren't rollin out! We gotta dig every dnd one of them!"
The neighbor tucked his head and went on his way. I admonished Daddy for speaking to a neighbor in such a manner because he was in a bad mood.Daddy was contrite.
Later in the day the neighbor came back by leading his cow toward home.
Daddy,totally ashamed of his earlier demeanor,hollered to the neighbor,
"Hey,buddy,where did you get your cow bred?"
The neighbor,still miffed,tied the lead rope to one of our fence posts.
He then walked to the back end of the cow,lifted her tail,and pointed as he said........