A man goes into a grocery store in a hurry and says to the boy behind the counter.
"I need five gallons of chocolate icecream and now! It's my sons birthday and the refrigerator broke last night and all the icecream melted and all the kids are waiting for their icecream and my son wants chocolate!"

The young pimple faced teen says, "sir we are all out of chocolate icecream."

So the man says, "Come on I've been all over town and nobody has chocolate icecream. Look just get me some I'll pay whatever you want!"

So the boy says, "Here I tell you what. Get a piece of paper and write this down. Strawberry. You see the straw in strawberry?"

The man says, "Yes."

The boys says, "Good. Now vanilla. See van in vanilla?"

The man says, "Yes."

The boys says, "Ok now do you see the F#%k in chocolate?"

"No.", says the man.

Then the boy exclaims,"That's what I've been tryin to say there's no f#%kin chocolate!"[}]