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Thread: Pressure swith wiring

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    Pressure swith wiring

    I have a 220V 1HP pump connected to an 80 Gal pressure tank. The Electrician came out to wire the pump control and only connected one lead to the pressure switch this breaking only one of the 110 hot leads to the 220 pump. He seemed very competent but is this ok to do? The pump starts/stops normally but I guess I just don't understand why he would not connect BOTH hot leads through the pressure switch. Don't I have 110V going to the pump all the time then? Can someone explain this to me? Thanks.

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    The only way I would want to do what he did would be if you have a contactor that turns on/off the pump and the single wire going through the switch breaks the coil voltage which pulls in the contactor. I doubt this is the case, since this is normally done of 3hp pumps and bigger. So to answer your question, yes there is probably 115 volts potential on the pump at all times. When the pump gets old and starts to ground out, your voltage will be leaking into the well.


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