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Thread: Installing a float switch on my system.

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    Question Installing a float switch on my system.

    Howdy all,

    I am finally getting around to installing a float switch (low water level cut off) for my pump.

    Basically, I just want to make sure the pump cuts off before the water level drops too far in the poly tank, so as not to cause any damage to the pump.

    2018-06-13 18.12.47_r.jpg s-l500.jpg

    I do not wish to drill any holes in the tank. And, I have 2 each, 3/4" pipe threaded holes on opposite sides of the top of the tank. I am going to drill a hole in a plastic pipe plug, just large enough to thread the float switch cable through it, and into the tank.

    Then, I will seal it with a bit of silicon.

    Am I correct in thinking I only need to break the connection on the hot side of the two-conductor cable coming into the pump, and wire the float switch in series?

    I have already determined which pair (of the three wires) attached to the float switch, that I need to connect, so it will break the circuit when the tank reaches the preset "low" water level.

    NOTE: I initially thought about using a piggy back plug, since the pump is just connected to a power point on the wall of the house. But, later I just decided it best to wire the float switch directly to the hot side of the mains power to the pump.
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