My pump controls, which I suspect is the "pump-saver" unit, has been failing for months.

I am many hundreds of dollars into pump repair bills for parts and trips out to the house, and many hours on forums like this. All this only to be told again and again by my pump company that my line voltage is too high (248.5 -251.7, depending on whose Fluke meter and which measurement point), causing my "pump saver" controls (to prevent dry well pumping) to be reading this high voltage as a shut-down alert. My pump is going off from several times a week to not coming on at all, at times, but almost every time I can get it to function, there seems to be water in the aquifer.

I have suspected that the voltage isn't really the issue. The Pump Company says the line voltage must be tuned down a little, but the power company says it's w/in their limits and they don't want to do anything. And the manufacturer says the pump saver devices need a 25% (!!) decrease in amperage draw to trigger the device, and should operate properly up to 165 volts. The +-5% over-voltage wouldn't do that.

Over and over, I (my tenants) have no water, for two months running. The entire pump and control system is only two and half years old, and had been functioning fine until sometime in the fall. A cycle-stop was added a year and a half ago.

I have no evidence that a dry well is the issue, but at times, when we empty the holding tank, we could drain the aquifer. The pump saver controls only malfunction readings indicate dry-well shut-off.

Nearly every time I find the pump not working (when you can hear a constant, once per second clicking in the pump controls, even with a new controller) I do this strange trick of closing the mainline out (it has on open valve at the holding tank), letting the pressure out of the tap at the base of the pressure tank until the pressure switch trips, and then the pump controls click in and begin to work properly. The I open the line to the holding tank. But releasing the flow at the (very small +/- 7 gallons) pressure tank makes it "click" in ... for a time. It sometimes only operates for a few minutes, and I've had to teach this trick to my tenants, who tell me sometimes it doesn't work at all. I have seen it work long enough to fill between 1200 and 1500 gals to the holding tank, but it will eventually go out again.

Two days ago I increased the pressure tank charge (bladder air pressure) from 35 lbs to between 65-70 lbs of charged air. (The pressure in the system is set at 90-100 lbs.) The tenants had checked the pump controls that morning a few hours earlier, and the controls had turned themselves off due to that repeated failure to engage. So they performed the "pump control trick" I taught them (described in previous post) and re-engaged the controls. When I arrived that afternoon, the controls seemed to be humming along gracefully. I turned off power and closed the outflow valves to drain the pressure tank to prepare for a charge, charged it to a more "proper" level, and when I re-engaged the controls, the "pump control trick" would engage the controls, but only for about two minutes. I tried this three times, then turned off power to the pump. I'm hoping the tenants can get by with the water in the reserve holding tank, in the meantime.

My life is in a stranglehold by this problem, as it requires my constant attention and have no idea how to proceed. The stress is beginning to be overwhelming to the point that I want to sell the property, but can't do it without a function well, and I'll soon loose my tenants if I can't resolve the issue.

<Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope>

Thanks for reading