Hey folks, I bought the 1hp SW100 jet pump, due to arrive next week, and I want to wire it up myself. I haven't seen a post on a basic wiring job for a 220 volt pump and wanted to know if you think this is a job a pretty handy DIY'er can do or not?

Details: I'm using the system to replace two outdoor spigots (municipal water) for lawn irrigation, car washing etc.

I have the pump and a 5 gal bladder tank. I plan to hard wire the pump as a 220 volt system and have an on/off switch mounted next to the spigots on the outside of the garage. The garage panel is close enough that I will only use 20ft of wire to where the pump and tank will be.

I watched some youtube video's on adding the 220 breaker to a panel and it seems easy enough, but I don't know what to expect on the pump side. Seeing some of the posts here on calculating wire gauges makes me wonder what what I'm getting myself into.

Have a wife and two young boys counting on me not killing myself [;^)]