Hello everyone. I have a questions concerning adding a booster pump to my well location. I currently have 10/2 UF running from a 30amp breaker in my main to a vertical, 1 hp pump. I'm now putting in an aerator so I need to add a 1/2hp or 3/4hp booster pump to rebuild pressure going in to the home. Would I need a subpanel so I will have two breakers for the pumps? I was just going to use a weather proof conduit box and tie the 10/2 from the main panel to one run of 12/2 inside of liquid tight flex for the vertical pump and one run of 12/2 (inside of liquid tight flex) for the booster pump. In essence, pigtail three hots together, pigtail the other leg of hots together and tie the three grounds together and tie them to ground. However, someone mentioned to me that it is required that I put in a subpanel- without a main breaker in the subpanel - and they recommended I have two 15 amp breaker for each of the pumps (both pumps are rated for less than 8amps each).