I'm not really sure where to post this, but I just moved into a home with that is on a well. I don't know much about well and the systems attached to them, but here is my problem.

I noticed when I would be watering my lawn after about 20 minutes the pressure tank or pump would kick off and I wouldn't have any water. I would go out and turn the switch by the pressure tank back on and I would have water for a little while. Then starting yesterday, we were doing lots of laundry and I have noticed a steady drop in pressure at my taps yesterday and today. I decided to go out and try and up the pressure on the tank and now I cannot even get the tank or pump to come back on. After reading a bit on this site I learn out to properly adjust the on and off pressure, but I am still getting nothing. I also check to make sure there was still pressure in the tank with a tire guage and I still have pressure inside the tank. There is still electical power to everything just no pressure in the tank and it doesn't seem like the well pump is coming on. Any suggestions or thoughts before I call someone to come fix it? For some reason I think my pump went out. Thanks in advance for you time and knowledge.