Hello guys.

I've been having a long battle with the water pump.

Here's the story... two years ago, I started having a number of troubles with my pump. I eventually replaced nearly everything (4 wire submersible pump, control box, pressure switch) and I had water for a few months until the pipes started leaking. The pump has had several periods of inactivity, as I have been shutting the water off for every time the system sprung a leak, and several occations, it took me some time to fix it (I don't live here). When I replaced everything, I was careful to replace everything with the same stuff I removed.

Recently, I got everything back on and a couple weeks later, like clockwork, something broke. This time it appears to be electrical... as the circuit panel is making noise and I only have 23V across the L1 and L2 (interesting enough, I had only 3V on the same wires at the circuit panel).

Nonetheless, I removed the welded-in circuit breaker, and replaced it (had to use another slot, as it had burned out the contacts in the circuit panel) and also replaces the not-up-to-code and somewhat cut/patched up Romex line... and now I have 250V at both the panel and on the terminals in the pressure switch. The pressure switch is working and I see the voltage at the control box. If I manually work the pressure switch lever, I hear the control box humming for a bit while I assume its trying to jump start the pump.

I put my Ohm meter across the three main leads to the pump and each saw a resistance... they're not open.

The way the circuit breaker failed, I fear that it was only supplying 110V to the control box, and I fear this may have burned out the capacitor or the pump motor... but the cap looks fine on the outside.

So here are my questions... where do I go next? I understand its possible for the pump to jam on sand... is there a was to test this?
Can I test the control box? Can I test the pump remotely (without pulling it out of the ground)?

Thanks for any input. I'm at my wits' end.