Hi folks:

I have a stenner chlorine injection pump ( 120 V) and a well pump and pressure switch that is 240v.

I thought I would simply run a neutral wire back to the load center and tap one of the input leads to give 120 V for the pump. I didn't expect anything complicated about this, but for the life of me cannot get this to work.

The house was built in 2007. Contacts on the pressure switch look very clean to me, although I'm going to take some steel wool out today and polish them up. I may try some dielectric grease on the connections to to prevent corrosion, but honestly I don't see any.

What I have done here is to hook up a standard receptacle, so I did not have to cut off the end of the chlorine injection pump wire. With the well pump running, I get 120 V at the receptacle, but the sterner pump fails to start. I tried plugging in a standard lamp, but it also does not light. I have confirmed that the chlorine injection pump works (brand-new) and that the switch is on.

So, it appears I have enough voltage but perhaps not enough current. The sterner pump is only .9 amps, so it doesn't exactly draw a lot of power.

What I do not understand is the control box and how that works, but my understanding is there is simply a capacitor in there to boost the power to start the motor (well pump that is). Would that in some way effect the current to the Stenner pump? I'm assuming the pwr goes to the pressure switch first and then to the control box. I would think in this case it's out of the loop.

Short of cleaning the contacts I don't know what else to do. Seems like this should be a really straightforward setup. It was suggested to me to use a tester that has a light, which I will do today. I have been using my RadioShack voltage meter for testing purposes.

I can package this pump back up and by a 240 volt model, but there is a restocking fee involved plus extra shipping, so would like to make what I have work if possible. This is also a rental unit, and I had to move a washer and dryer out of the way for access, so my tenant does does not have a W/D, so have to act fast.