I'm loking for a third opinion:

after fixing the Control Box a couple of months ago, the technician who came out at the time mentioned that the "motor is running at 200,000 Ohm to the ground", and this would be indicating that the pump would need to be replaced within the next year (because the windings are in bad shape). It's a 1.5HP pump, don't know any more about it.

Since I share the well with two neighbors, and the winters here in MN get kinda ugly, we decided to get bids from local contractors right away. One of the guys came out and measured the Amps coming from the pump (I think?) and said that the pump is fine and wouldn't need to be replaced in the near future. He did give me an estimate, but made it sound like it wouldn't be as urgent as I was led to believe.

So, who's right? Do I need to get a new pump soon? Or was the first guy just trying to sell a new pump? The second guy, BTW, was the contractor who put the original pump in ten years ago.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Stephan in Zumbrota, Minnesota