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Thread: Well switch problem?

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    Well switch problem?

    I am looking for help.

    I have a deep well with a submersible pump. When taking a shower or filling the washer, the water will turn off for 30-60 seconds and then start back up. I replaced the pressure tank with a new 100# tank. Pressure is set at 28 lb (I checked it). I also replaced the pressure switch with a Home Depot brand 30-50 switch. It did not solve the problem. Thinking the new switch may be defective, I replaced it again, but it still does it. Can anyone help?


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    Hi Fred,

    Usually when a pump shuts off, then comes back on, it means the thermal overload in the motor or control box has tried to protect the motor because it's pulling high amps or it's cycling too often.

    Can you tell us more about your system, the tank model and brand, their age and if you have any filtration in line.

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