I called you a few Saturdays ago to check on the set up of a 1 HP Betta Flo jet pump I got from you a year ago. Just want to double check the set up; plus an addition question regarding the UPC requirement for a low pressure cut-off switch.

Here's my system:
I have a 2 HP submersible in a cistern and H2Pro pressure tanks in a barn. The pressure tanks are set at 50-70 PSI and have a 60 PSI cycle stop valve. The water is pushed up hill about 60 feet elevation gain. The pressure at the house (jet pump) entrance up hill is 45 PSI. Inside the house is a 1 HP Betta Flo jet pump, a 60 PSI cycle stop valve, and a 20 Gal H2Pro tank.

My understanding is that I remove the pressure sensor from the intake-discharge end of the jet pump (it's connected by a tube to the pressure switch at the rear of the jet pump), and plug that hole. Then, I move the pressure sensor so that it's located after the CSV and before the pressure tank.

The order, then, is jet pump, CSV, pressure sensor, and pressure tank. And, I plug the pressure sensor hole in the intake-discharge of the jet pump. Is this correct?

Now, Question 2. The UPC requires that residences with a jet pump have a low pressure (minimum 10 PSI) cut-off switch prior to the jet pump. How do I address this? Can I place a Gard-It switch after the jet pump discharge that is connected in series with the regular pressure switch? Or, would it be better to install a single pressure switch with a built-in low pressure cut off? Would these be place before or after the CSV?

Finally, will the CSV mess up the low pressure cut off switch?

Thanks for all your help over the years.

Ed from Idaho.