I just bought a rural property with a well that was a bank owned forclosure, and had sat empty (& winterized) for aprox. 2 yrs. The home inspector (while not a well expert) turned the system on, tested the water pressure and found no problems. The system was left on from that point until I closed about 2 wks later. The day I closed I came back to the property to discover a leak near the well head, a hole near the well head was full of water. I turned the breaker off & the water receded quickly. I had a contractor come out to see if he could locate the problem, which he quicky did, a broken pipe right where the water line left the well casing. A quick fix of the PVC line, and we thought I was all set. Upon turning the breaker back on, I had no water. Checked the control box to find the reset button popped, but attempting to reset it resulted in a clattering/chattering sound & it popped again. Contacted an electrician who was familiar with well systems, he determined the control box was bad (one or both capacitors, &/or the relay). Replaced the control box and pushed the reset button, with no clattering, but it popped again 2-3 mins later. The pressure gauge on the press tank reads 0. There is some water in the tank, I would estimate less than half, and air press in the tank is aprox 30. I obviously should have called a well expert from the beginning, but am wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions or reccomend anything else to check or try. It seems very strange, the pump, all electric components, and tank seemed to be operating correctly until the broken pipe was replaced, then trying to restore power to the system, encountered multiple problems. Absolutely any info at all is much appreciated!!!!