I am trying to help my cousin trouble shoot there well. Last week we replaced the pressure tank and pressure switch because the pressure switch was cycling and water would come out of the tank when you checked the air pressure. After we replaced the tank and switch everything was working good. The next day they said the breaker kept popping. After resetting it several times it kept popping and then the breaker stayed on but there was no water. The breaker is 3 weeks old.

I went back over and looked at the pressure switch and it was stuck shut. I pulled it back manually and reset the breaker and everything seems to be working normal. I did notice that the new pressure switch has been arking on the contacts. I also noticed that with the water demand at 0 that the pump will take several minutes two fill a 35 gallon tank. It gets to about 50 PSI and then climbs slow untill it reaches 60 PSI. The well head is about 300 feet from the power supply and pressure tank. This is a old system at least 12 years plus and used daily.

I looked down at the well head and noticed there is only two wires coming out with no start box. I thought all 220 volt pumps would need a start box so thats kinda confusing. I called today and they said its doing the same thing. The Power to the well head is indoor wire I don't know if this would make much of a difference since it has been working for years. I can't figure out what to do next. With funds tight, I don't want to tell them to replace the pump but I am thinking the pump might be getting tired and heating up and kicking the breaker but just don't know enough about this stuff. If the pump is tired would a smaller pressure switch get more life out of the pump? Thats all I know about the system so far. I am trying to search the well depth but not haveing much luck. Thanks for your help.