I'm having a problem with my set up. Here are the particulars. I have a 2 wire well pump that flows to a cistern with a float switch in the cistern. There is a pump saver switch on the well pump. Then there is a 3 wire sub pump from the cistern to the house and pressure tank. I ran out of water 2 weeks ago, and determined that the pump saver was in a rapid cycle mode and can only be cleared by power cycling the system. The well will pump the cistern full and the well pump draws 23 or so amps on start up and runs at about 6 amps. The voltage is good and I've replaced the float switch with no difference. When I power cycle, the everything works until the timer wants to restart the well pump and it goes to rapid cycle. I tried a new pump saver but it did the same thing so I switched back to the old one.
Sorry for the length of the post, I wanted to give all the info that I could.
Anyone one have on idea on what to do?