I just got a free jet pump and tank combo maid by Teel.
Yesterday I ran romex to it to test it and the motor kicked off and worked.
So, I installed on the well today.
I ran romex to it and wired it the same way and now it only humms and then stops humming for about a min. the it starts humming again the stops humming. The motor feels warm so I turned it off.

I cant think of why it worked yesterday and now it is all together it only humms.

It is a 3/4 hp motor with only two black wires comming out of the motor to the center two lugs on the pressure switch.
I ran the bare ground wire to a grounding screw on the switch and the black to one side of the switch and the white wire to the other side of the pressure switch contacts.

There are only two black wires coming out of the motor. Is that 110 or 220?
And any ideas on a hummer?

The romex is 12/2 plus a groung and about 40 feet long going into the breaker box.
Any ideas on these questions?