Hey, I've got a 2 year old set-up that recently stopped pumping water. The past couple of times I pumped, I could tell the gpm output was dropping. I pump to a holding tank and it was taking longer than usual to fill. Well depth is 500'. Control box is a 2 hp deluxe Franklin, pump is a 2 hp Flint & Walling. This last time we were at the property ( it's a weekend place ) I tightened all the connections and did some voltage readings. I checked voltage leaving the control box and the j-box at the well head.
Red to ground = 280v.(this reading was constant )
yellow to ground = 125v
black to ground = 125v.
The power coming into the control box is 125 on each leg.
Also, on startup, the pump spits up a few drops, but that's it. All the neighboring properties have water, we're at the same depth. I plan on going back up to the property soon, but with a clamp on ammeter this time. Also, I know I need to do more resistance testing. I guess I'm confused on what order to check things and what I can conclude from the results. The control box has resistance checks listed on the inside, which I'll attempt. Considering what it'll cost to pull the pump, does it sound like maybe a component in the control box could be bad given the symptoms? Could one of the caps test OK but be bad? I guess I'm asking should I swap out the control box and see what I get?
Thanks a lot