Last year I installed a National 2 HP (230v) submersible in a 2500 gal cistern in a barn. It's connected to a CSV1 60 PSI, then to a PC-66R bladder tank with a pressure switch at 50-70 psi. There's a low water 24v float switch that controls a contactor to shut off the submersible. There's also a pump up switch (and a Pumptec) to control the submersible in the well.

Everything's going good. But, now I want the system to supply a new house that will be 60 feet above the cistern and 450 away. My question is how can I do this? I'll lose 26 psi with the altitude gain. If I move the pressure tank/switch/CSV1 to the house, then I need to run 900 feet of wire (450 up, 450 back) between the contactor/control box.

If I move the control box to the house and run the pump from there, do I run it from the pressure switch through the low water switch/contactor? I'll need only 450 of wire this way, but that's a lot of voltage drop.

Any ideas? A booster pump at the house for example. Or, can the pressure switch be located at the house and connected to another low voltage contactor in the barn, in series with the low water switch/contactor.

Thanks for all your help, past and present.