Hello All!

I've just purchased some land in Missouri near Shell Knob. (I am currently located in California.) The land has been vacant for a couple of years. I was told by my Realtor that the pump was replaced approx. three years ago, but he has no other information regarding the type of pump or depth of the well etc.

I am relying on friends out there to get me as much information as they can provide.

I phoned a local Well Guy in the area, and he said to the best of his knowledge older wells with steel casings in that area were usually drilled to a depth of 300 feet with a water depth of 60 feet from the top of the well. No guarantees though. Because I don't know when the well was dug, or the owners of the property at that time, I am finding it very difficult to obtain any information.

My Friends have just phoned from property, and have stated that inside of the well house, they are looking at a 6" steel cased well with a Well Seal cap. The well pipe looks to be a 1" Galv. with a Galv. Tee just above the well seal. The tee is plugged on the top, and has a 1" PVC supply line leading out of it. I had already seen pictures, so this is no surprise to me. The Tank has been stolen, and the wires have been cut, so nothing is connected.

Dang Thieves & Vandals! I was hoping to leave all of that kind of behavior here in California when I leave.

My question is regarding the pump wiring of course. My friends state that there are only two wires coming out of the well seal from the pump. A Red Wire & a Yellow Wire. From what I have been reading, two wire pumps should have a third green ground wire. However there are no other wires.

So... In order for me to find out if the pump works at all, how do I connect the wiring? Is it possible to determine which is the lead and which is the ground? Could this be a 240V pump? How can I make a determination prior to supplying power to anything and frying it all?

I am hoping to get as much information as I can prior to moving onto this property in May. I won't have Internet access there, and am probably going to buy a new pump to take with me in the likely event that the current pump is bad. However, I don't want to have to pull it unless I need to, or until I get my RV fully set up there and get the water tested etc.

Thanks in advance.