read the posts on pro-con 2 wire vs. 3 wire pumps. my understanding
of this is that 2 wire pumps have the "goodies" in the pump; 3-4 wire pumps have them in a control box; the "goodies" are the start, run capacitor.
the driller is suggesting a 2 h.p. pump, 3 or 4 wire (i'm overloaded at this point and can't remember which).
my concern is i'm waaaaaay up on the hill, lightning is common up here, and the pump will be about 600' down the hole; the top of water column is at 375'; the well is 900'; producing 40 gpm;
i'm also going to pump up the hill, about another 100' higher into an
exsisting water tank with a float switch controlling the pump. that eliminates the need for pressure tank and i'll have water when the ice disrupts the power supply as it often does in the winter.
it appeals to me, to have the "goodies" out of the well, rather than have to pull that pump if there should some problem with a component.
wouldn't that be a consideration in a deep well situation?
btw, i appreciate this forum as i've learned quite a bit just reading
the old posts over the past few days.