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Thread: A sad day

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    A sad day

    Well one of our members who I knew from a "Prepper" site, has passed away Thursday.

    It was Asia-off-Grid, who did live almost off-grid in Cambodia with his wife and her Mom, he had some interesting stories about well water and storage of that, and how their "septic tank" was pumped.

    He let the other site know on November 2nd that he had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, which we all know is a death sentence, he took it in stride but I don't think he knew that he only had 6 days left to live. The doctor gave him 6-12 months.



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    Wow, and he just posted here not very long ago. Really sorry to hear that John. You probably knew him a lot better than the rest of us.

    My cousin who was younger than me; died the same way many years ago. Your right, it's a death sentence and time is short.

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