Al emailed this to me on 1-30-2008.

Bob, I finally installed the unit. It does everything I hoped.

It gave me an opportunity to set up my pump to optimum conditions. I changed the pressure settings from the original 30/50 to 40/60, which the pump handles easily, and upped the tank pressure. I set the CSV for 57 psi max at low flow.

The pump now seems to run smoother, and the water hammer upon shut-off is gone. The higher pressures are improving flow all around (sprinklers, toilets, etc). I did have to readjust the toilet flush valves. And, of course, there is a much longer pump cycle.

I only had one glitch. I forgot about the pressure relief valve at the well head, covered by the control box. I temporarily adjusted it to a higher pressure, but will have to move it the tank area.

This is my first well, and the installer only said not to touch anything, so I learned a bit from all of this.

Al Wesley


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